Somebody needs to do something…

Somebody needs to do something about that.

You’ve heard it. You’ve said it.Someoneshould.jpg
Here’s what I read this morning:

“Rise up, you women who are at ease,

Hear my voice;

You complacent daughters,

Give ear to my speech.” (Isaiah 32:9)

And here’s what I read yesterday on Ann Voskamp’s blog “A Holy Experience”:

“You can walk into any mall and buy a pair of NIKE running shoes for what they are buying a Christian or Yezidi girl from 1-9 years of age — $172 dollars. And she’s yours. For whatever you want, for as long as you want, to make do whatever you want. Sit with that. Yeah, we’re all done living in a world where a pair of shoes can last longer, have more worth, be treated with more value, than a fondled, raped and discarded 9 year-old-girl.

The United Nations reports this week that at least one young girl’s been “married” over 20 timesand forced at the end of each violation to undergo surgery to “restore” her virginity.

So it could be ripped open and destroyed by the next highest bidder.”

I read that, moved to tears, pushed into righteous anger.

Someone really should do something.

“LookWe’re all done with keeping up with the Kardashians or whatever flash of skin is being flaunted on red carpets — when there are little girls being devoured on bare concrete floors and we will keep company with Jesus and be the ones who do something about the things that breaks His heart.”

I read aloud to my husband about the women Ann interviewed in Iraq, women who were forced to leave their homes, cars, neighborhoods and normal lives, to flee from ISIS. Forced to choose which children to take with them.

Which children to leave behind.

The inside pain crept into my throat and my voice cracked. And it hurt to know that something needed to be done. Nine-year-old little girls were being sold and raped and we had to sit there helpless.iraqigirl

I continued to read and my husband listened, his throat thick too.

And we realized that finally, someone was not just stirring up emotions to make us feel guilty or helpless.

By the end of Ann’s eloquent, heartfelt and well-informed entry, we were presented with a problem, a reason we should care and something to do about it.

Today, Jennie Allen of IF Gathering met with Ann Voskamp and Jeremy Courtney, founder of Preemptive Love via livestream.

You can watch their conversation:

Behind the Issue

Let’s take a look at the verse again in the NIV:

“You women who are so complacent,
    rise up and listen to me;
You daughters who feel secure,
    hear what I have to say!”

This week, women of God rose up, said with Jennie and Ann:

“Not on our watch!”

Given a way to defy Isis, to show the love of Jesus to Iraqi women and children, people quit waiting for the military, the American government or anyone else to do something.

This week people have dug in and rattled change. Change. Half a million dollars of change.

When just $100 will send 10 kids back to school this fall, that’s a lot of change.

Jeremy Courtney and his wife decided that “there are worse things than dying. Staying alive for no real impact, no real passion.” They rose up out of the complacency of North America and moved to Iraq to do something.

And they provide a way God’s sons and daughters to do something.

Here’s how verses 11-14 read in the Message version:

“Cry tears, real tears, for the happy homes no longer happy,
    the merry city no longer merry.
The royal palace is deserted,
    the bustling city quiet as a morgue,
The emptied parks and playgrounds
    taken over by wild animals,
    delighted with their new home.”

Read the article. Here’s that link again: “Into Iraq #2: What the News Isn’t Telling You & Why We Can’t Afford to Pretend It Isn’t Happening…” Check out her original piece as well, “Into Iraq #1: Love in the Time of ISIS.” Watch the video. Get out your wallets. (There is a nice link to follow at the bottom of the article.)

Rise up. Get out of your complacency. Cry real tears for the homes that are no longer happy.

Then do something with the tears God gave you.

Here is an extra challenge from me: Picture a little nine-year-old girl. Child-Marriage-Little-Girls-665x385

Do you see her. Sandy-colored hair, tanned skin, eyes the color of the ocean in the sun?

Now picture her in the hands of evil.

Pray for that little girl tonight. You don’t know her name but God does. Commit to pray for her tonight, tomorrow night, when you’re in carpool, when you pass a playground, whenever you think of her. That same little girl. Lift her up please to the only Father who can help her. prayer-on-my-knees42

I’m praying for mine. I’m begging God to make her a miracle. One little nine-year-old girl. Pull her out God. Bring her home. Save her. It’s just one little girl I’m asking about Lord.

Just one little girl. Please Lord, save this one.

IraqiGirl2Will you do it? Will you join me? Will you pray? Each one of us, every day, begging God to save our own particular little girl.

Somebody should do something.

Now some Body can.


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A recovered prodigal and expert breeder of dustbunnies, I'm a wife and a mother who just wants to live all-out, whole-heartedly, full-tilt boogie for Jesus. Living life with abandon combined with the daily regimens of life can be hard - that's where grace comes in. Oh, I love the balance of grace.
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A recovered prodigal and expert breeder of dustbunnies, I’m a wife and a mother who just wants to live all-out, whole-heartedly, full-tilt boogie for Jesus. Living life with abandon combined with the daily regimens of life can be hard – that’s where grace comes in. Oh, I love the balance of grace.

2 thoughts on “Somebody needs to do something…”

  1. I remeber reading this last week. My husband shared a story from when he was in Afghanistan several years ago. The soldiers had passed out shoes to the children that had been generously donated by American churches. There were enough to go around, but one little girl was found running on ice without shoes or socks. He said he will never forget how cold her feet were. If we don’t do anything, we are just as responsible for the evil that happens.

    1. Please tell him thank you. One soldier’s hands on one little pair of cold feet – if only more people knew of the love that our brave men and women take the time to show.

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